PROJECT 2018 - Income Plan #2!

Where It Pays 1% - 2.5% Daily
From Their Mining And Trading!
Double Your Bitcoin, Ethereum Or Litecoin In 80 Days
With Automatic Payouts Direct To Your Wallet Daily!

Transparent Global Company With Offices In Los Angeles, USA


Secrets Others Keep Away From You!

Jan. 10/18 - Very Important UPDATE FROM CEO Armen Temurian!
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Jan. 7/18 - VistaNetwork Conference Call with CEO Armen Temurian
about the Mini Mining Rigs that are coming and more.


Mini-Miners are Patented Pending
Billion Dollar Product
Made for the people

Bitcoin, Altcoin and Mining

Mining machines are made in the U.S.A
500 mini-miners will be available first.
1st week of February 5000 units will be available to be shipped.
You can only order mini-miners through Vista.
There is a comp plan on purchases of mining machines.
Sales tax will be charged, one way Vista is compliant. Real Product.

Vista 2.0 will be launched on Monday the 15th.

Alexa Coin and Vista Coin coming out in February.
New mining machine coming out the size of a tablet.
Comes with a wallet and presentation.

A professional version also coming out.
Pay plan has 10 different ways to earn.
Fixed packages will be available to earn from.

From Monday you will have 72 hours to fund your account
to be able to earn from those beneath you.

The Worlds first ever Mini Miner is coming,
patent pending brought to you by Vista Network!

This little guy will generate between $400-$800 monthly! 

Price point will be roughly below $1,000 USD.

Projected Mini Miners Profits Example!

Potential of Mini Miners if profits are compounded for a year.

Based on the assumption that the mini miner can produce an average of $500
value in mining production per month and costs about $1,000 each.

If you compounded the mining profits in additional miners for a year,
starting with one mini miner, purchased out of pocket.

It could generate $1,000 in mining value in 2 months and be able to purchase
another machine after every two months of operation per unit.

Month 1 - 1 mini miner
Month 2 - 1 mini miner
Month 3 - 2 mini miners
Month 4 - 3 mini miners
Month 5 - 4 mini miners
Month 6 - 7 mini miners
Month 7 - 10 mini miners
Month 8 - 16 mini miners
Month 9 - 24 mini miners
Month 10 - 36 mini miners
Month 11 - 54 mini miners

Month 12 - 81 mini miners

81 x $500 = $40,500 Monthly or $486,000 Annually

Grand opening of the Vista Launch and ICO VistaCoin will take place in Japan by March 2018!
Japan was the first country to adopt Bitcoin as their primary currency!
1000 Bitcoin Millionaires will be made, Join the movement, Don’t Be Left Behind!



No Hiding Behind A Website,
The Ceo And Owners Of The Program
Are Real, Depenable and Researchable.

Vista Network Presentation
with Short Q&A with CEO Armen Temurian!

*** MUST VIEW! ***
Latest News and Updates about Vista Network!

How to join Vista Network
and pay for ETH with BitCoin!

Update: January 17/18
Real Owners, Office, Mining Facility and Products!
We do and follow everything to be with USA Government compliance.


If you are interested to join,
 contact me to get your proper placment link.

Send Your Request to:
with subject: VISTA!

You will need to join Vista Network by Januray 15, 2018
To Get your FREE Position.
No Free Positions will be available after that date.

To Join > http://8281169.vista.network