PROJECT 2018 - Plan #1!

The Millionaire Maker!

I am working directly with the highest people in this industry.
They are millionaires already and have cash to back up everything.

After viewing the TWO videos above and you are still interested,
glance through this company introduction site
and when you are ready to join go to the link below and register:

If I am (John Kielec) your sponsor, my username is: titaniumclub6

Please Note:
Contact your DNP-DNT Upline Sponsor for their joining link

or visit your DailyNetPay Affiliate for their link.

login to your Ormeus member's area by clicking on the link below:
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This company is MOST DEFINETLY you want to be part of
and have a growing REAL Portfolio that can make you a Real Millionaire.

If you would like to meet our Million Dollar Earners Upline Team,
let me know and we can set up a direct meeting with these people
where you can hear them out and ask anything you want.

Below is the last update
from Brad and Ormeus Founder John Barksdale:

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ORMEUS Conference Call (January 15, 2018) with Jeff Crane and Brad Hager!
These two gentlemen are Super Networkers and our upline Team Leaders/Sponsors.
Hear what they say about ORMEUS, where it's going and what can do for you!


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